Innovative and Engaging Training


Julia combines her in depth understanding of how adults learn with many years of providing highly-regarded training for mental health and legal professionals to provide dynamic educational opportunities tailored to your organization’s needs. Training can be provided in person or on line through webinars and conference calls – whatever format makes sense for your budget, participants, and the topic.

Examples of training topics include:

  • Navigating family court systems
  • Effectively and safely working with cases involving intimate partner violence
  • Family formation topics, including transracial adoption
  • Addressing and dismantling bias in working with clients and organizations
  • Developing court, organizational, and workplace policies around conflict resolution and family matters, including co-parenting, mediation, and intimate partner violence
  • A Very Entertaining Presentation!

    Julia was easily the most interesting, engaging presenter at the conference!
    – Conference Attendee & Client
  • Best Domestic Violence Training!
         Julia, this was probably one of our best DV trainings. You are such a dynamic speaker. Literally, I could hear you speak for hours. (And I don't say that to most people!) You also do such a great job handling questions... The staff was clearly engaged ALL afternoon!
    Training Attendee
  • Julia is smart and caring.

    Julia provided us with compassionate and sensible help when we needed it most.
    – Client
  • Very Beneficial Workshop!

    Julia’s skillful and articulate presentation was the most beneficial aspect of the course.
    – Mental Health Professional & Workshop Participant