Getting the Help You Need

New families and those facing communication, parenting, or other challenges deserve individualized attention and services specifically designed for them. Julia starts out talking with you by phone to figure out what type or types of services might be most appropriate. Her flexibility and versatility means families aren’t expected to fit into specific service models. Instead, you can work with Julia to figure out what the best approach might be for your situation and your resources.

Accessible and Efficient Approaches

Utilizing technology to eliminate unnecessary steps, simplify the process, and make it easier to meet together in separate locations and to stay in touch without having to travel long distances means Julia can keep costs down. She’s dedicated to making high-quality services available to people and will work with you to figure out what might be the most effective way for you to accomplish your goals.

Experience, Education, Expertise

As an attorney/social worker/mediator, Julia’s integrated approach to her work provides clients with access to legal information combined with a deep understanding of the emotional aspects of family conflict, the impact of trauma, and children’s developmental needs. Julia values the personal experience and expertise clients bring to this work. She seeks to understand that perspective and to provide clients with tailored approaches based on her expertise developed through years of professional experience.


Julia’s flexible, integrated approach to working with clients means she helps identify the best way to approach each particular situation. For some, that means working together and for others, a one-on-one approach will make the most sense.


Mediation provides clients with the opportunity to settle their differences effectively and as quickly – or slowly – as the situation requires. Whether you need to meet for an hour to discuss a limited issue or over several sessions to develop a more extensive agreement, Julia can help tailor services to meet your needs.


Consulting and Coaching Services provide people and/or organizations with individualized approaches on such topics as: addressing domestic violence, family formation, children’s needs during separation and divorce, as well as a wide-range of other issues within Julia F. Weber’s areas of expertise.


Julia offers interactive training and workshops on a variety of topics and can tailor presentations to meet specific needs for your audiences. She’s been providing highly-regarded continuing education for mental health professionals and attorneys on a variety of legal issues and on handling bias for over 20 years.